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Moo Over (1986) Four Tracks (1987) Deaf Gods of Babylon (1989)
Cull None (2000) LIVE (2004) Cull None (2004) Lord Tracy 4 (2005)
Porn Again (2008)

Moo Over

In 1986, shortly after Terry joined the band, the guys borrowed $600 from me to make a serious demo tape with the intent of shopping it to record companies and producers in pursuit of the dream, a real record deal. The result, Moo Over, was released on cassette in 1987 as the bands first formal product. A smashing 100 copies were made. The JCCD release in 2000 was taken directly from a virgin, still shrink wrapped, opened just for the occasion copy (one of three) that I'd hung onto lovingly for that 13 year period. That CD also included four bonus tracks that I scrounged from another cassette recorded early in the bands career. In 2002 the last of my unopened copies of the original Moo Over cassette fetched $55 on eBay. Copies of the JCCD are not for sale but have hope. As of the middle of 2004 the guys are seriously looking to remaster and re-release Moo Over on CD (a feat that wouldn't be possible if not for the fantastic archival skill of soundman Danny Brown) giving fans a look back at their roots.

  1. Don't Give Up On Love
  2. Seventeen
  3. Heart In Your Hands
  4. Woman Is Wood
  5. I Want You
  6. Out With The Boys
  7. Listen To Your Heart
  8. Let's Rock I'm Ready
  9. Set The World On Fire
  10. Big Black Cadillac
  11. Yesterday (Bonus)
  12. If You Knew (Bonus)
  13. Goodbye (Bonus)
  14. If You Break My Heart I'll Break Your Neck (Bonus)

Four Tracks

Four Tracks (not to be confused with Lord Tracy 4) was also an early cassette release. Despite the fact it never made it into official production it was by far one of the truest examples of the creative energy the guys had. Originally recorded directly into a four track cassette recorder (hence the name) these cuts capture the guys "live" in the cramped living room of Kinley's apartment. This was actually the first of the JCCD releases in 2000 as it was the one I most wanted to be able to listen to on a regular basis. Four Tracks contains my all time favorite "drum machine" version of No More Tears which is so good I've decided to share it with everyone. Click on the link below to retrieve the MP3. Four Tracks is also fun as between songs you can hear the guys lampooning a Michael Jackson video on MTV, harrassing each other for more beer, and other bits of assorted mayhem. "Are we recording?"

  1. Deserai
  2. Rip It Up (Paper Love)
  3. Trans Sex U All
  4. Think About It John (Bonham)
  5. King of the Nighttime Cowboys
  6. (Let's Go) Rodeo
  7. Foolish Love
  8. No More Tears
  9. Chosen Ones
  10. Big Surprise
  11. Out With The Boys (Bonus)
  12. Good Rocking Tonight (Bonus)

Deaf Gods of Babylon

Deaf Gods of Babylon is the debut and only album released on the UNI label. Not long after it's release UNI, which was already struggling (and receiving no help from the parent MCA), folded up shop taking with it the chance for the follow up album which was later released independently as Cull None (see below for details). Produced and engineered by Mark Dodson, Deaf Gods never got the push and PR it deserved because of the financial condition of the record company and only some 80,000 copies were sold despite exhaustive touring. The MTV videos for Out With The Boys (the debut single) and Foolish Love can be found on the fan club video should you happen to come across one in your travels. Copies of Deaf Gods of Babylon can still be found floating around on eBay and the occasional Internet record stores that specialize in long out of print releases.

  1. Out With The Boys
  2. East Coast Rose
  3. She's A Bitch
  4. Barney's Wank
  5. Whatchdoin'
  6. Chosen Ones
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Rats Motel
  9. Foolish Love
  10. She Man Blues
  11. King of the Nighttime Cowboys
  12. 3HC
  13. Submission
  14. Pirahna
  15. Ivory Lover

Cull None (2000)

Cull None was originally intended as a fan club only item. This release I made from one of the 4MM DAT masters that Chris sent me after I mentioned that a friend of mine had a DAT player he used in his home studio. Like the other JCCD releases in 2000 I simply dumped the analog output of the DAT player into the stereo input of the sound card on my PC and ripped the original WAV files which were then burned to CD. It is interesting to note that this version contains one song that understandably didn't make it onto the "official" release that the band put out later in 2004. That song, which I affectionatly titled "Super XXX", is about a minute and a half of Terry railing at the PMRC (or indeed anyone falling into the category of censor) in the form an overdubbed new verse of Out With The Boys. It is decidedly not for children or others that might have their delicate sensibility easily offended.

  1. Concert Intro
  2. Devil Song
  3. Don't Give Up On Love
  4. Fellowship (Fella Sho' Dance)
  5. Big Surprise
  6. 17 Years
  7. Come Back To Me
  8. Heart In Your Hands
  9. Like You
  10. Bad Montana
  11. Woman Is Wood
  12. Beverly Hillbillies (Acid Remix)
  13. Yo Love
  14. Big Black Cadillac
  15. Can't Be Serious
  16. EAT THEM
  17. Dixie
  18. Burning Love
  19. Super XXX
  20. Fleetwood Smack
  21. Choo Choo


The Live CD was recorded at The Basement in Dallas on Friday, December 22, 1989 and is a sterling example of the power these guys had over a live audience and why they were just so much fun to watch and work for. As an added bonus it was also a part of the ZRock coast-to-coast concert series and was introduced by the metal maniac Mad Max Hammer. This is another one that wouldn't have been possible without Danny Brown's tender loving care of the Lord Tracy original masters. This CD contains the entire unedited, uncut, eight minute Barney Bass Solo that will make you understand why Terry always says he's happy just to be on the same stage with the guy. Bass players... this will give you a whole new idea of what's possible. Guitar players... try not to cry. Visit the Official Lord Tracy Website and BUY THIS CD. You will be VERY glad you did.

  1. Transexual
  2. Rats Motel
  3. Deserai
  4. Me and The King
  5. King of the Nighttime Cowboys
  6. She's A Bitch
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Whatchadoin'
  9. Foolish Love
  10. Barney's Bass Solo
  11. East Coast Rose
  12. Pirahna
  13. 3HC
  14. I Want You
  15. (Let's Go) Rodeo
  16. Out With The Boys
  17. Don't Give Up On Love

Cull None (2004)

This is now the official release of Cull None and as you might imagine the sound quality is a quantum leap up from my poor "made on JC's PC" version but hey... I did the best I could with what I had so give me a break. As noted above, this version does not contain one of the songs on the original master for the same reason that one of the pictures on the cover was blurred out. If you look closely at the picture you'll probably be able to pick out exactly what was going on and should therefore be able to extrapolate (roughly) the words to the missing "Super XXX". Originally intended as a fan club only item Cull None stands a testament to the creative energy and irreverance that the band is best known for. Visit the Official Lord Tracy Website and BUY THIS CD.

  1. Intro
  2. Devil Song
  3. Don't Give Up On Love
  4. Fella Sho' Dance
  5. Big Surprise
  6. 17 Years
  7. Come Back To Me
  8. Heart In Your Hands
  9. Jes Like You
  10. Drum Thang
  11. Woman Is Wood
  12. Beverly Hills
  13. Yo Love
  14. Big Black Cadillac
  15. Can't Be Serious
  16. Eat Them
  17. Moby Dixie Head
  18. Burning Love
  19. Fleetwood Mac
  20. Choo Choo

Lord Tracy 4 (2005)

Not to be confused with the earlier "Four Tracks", Lord Tracy 4 is the first truly new Lord Tracy album in 15 years and contains many of the studio recordings from what would have been the official second album. Some of these tracks were worked up prior to, and specifically for, the 2004 reunion but there are also a few alternate versions of some old favorites. This album was released on January 1, 2005 to correspond with the first "Bring in the New Year with Lord Tracy" event since 1990 and it contains an unlisted radio spot (the real track 18) before the last song. Visit the Official Lord Tracy Website and BUY THIS CD.

  1. Rip It Up (Paper Love)
  2. Kick It Out
  3. Saxophone
  4. Wrong All The Right Outta Me
  5. Drive All Night
  6. Transexual
  7. Wind Me Up
  8. Let's Go Rodeo
  9. Debbie's Got A Chainsaw
  10. Party At The Motel
  11. Barney's Chained Melody
  12. No More Tears
  13. Back Again
  14. Nobody's Business
  15. Everything Sounds Allright
  16. Paula's
  17. Morning Light
  18. If You Break My Heart (I'll Break Your Neck)

Porn Again (2008)

From studio sessions in late 2006 and throughout 2007, Porn Again is ready for CD and MP3 players near you. The band is currently playing many of these songs on their current tour so catch them if you can! Visit the Official Lord Tracy Website and BUY THIS CD.

  1. Intro / I Should've Known
  2. Jinx
  3. Too Much
  4. Know Me
  5. Everything
  6. Friends
  7. Long Way To Go
  8. Wondermilk
  9. Man In Japan
  10. Number One Fan
  11. Can't Be Wrong
  12. Outta Site
  13. Wank 2000
  14. Messin' Around
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